I met Allen’s father last fall when I took photos for his company. I love getting to see returning clients and it was such a pleasure to meet baby Allen and his mama. She was so teeny and baby Allen was such a chubby little guy!

We originally tried to do a shoot in the studio and Allen wasn’t having it. A studio isn’t going to work for every baby- they’re all different! So we decided to try again at their home. I enjoyed getting to photograph him in his nursery. These photos are a snapshot of life now with a new baby.

Baby boy in daddy's hands New mom and dad holding baby boy in his room-a snapshot of life Sleeping newborn boy in cream hat Even in his own bed, Allen still wasn’t a fan of the camera. That’s okay; sometimes a baby isn’t sleeping and you just have to work with him and wait until he calms down again.Crying newborn boy on anchor blanket Their cat was so funny! She was watching from the window almost the whole time. Life’s going to be changing for her too.
New mom holding newborn son in yellow rocking chair-a snapshot of life Newborn boy sleeping on his stomach New mom and dad holding baby boy by the window-a snapshot of life

It’s good to be flexible because every baby and every family are different. I’m really glad that we were able to capture so many precious memories of Allen’s second week in the world.
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Accessories used in this session:

Roses and Ruffles (backdrop)

No. 2 Willow Lane (hat)


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