I started the year with a little boy in the studio. I shot Mr. Stone when he was nine days old and nine pounds heavy. He was so adorable and I loved that he sat in my posing pod chair!

baby boy in posing pod chairnewborn boy in brown wrapnewborn boy sleeping in overallsbaby boy with hunter antlersmom and baby boy loveSo glad that I made this mama get in the photos. Even if you feel underdressed or unprepared, what matters is that you’ll have these memories forever. You can share these pictures with friends and family who don’t live nearby, save them for your children, and show them to your grandchildren someday! Photography isn’t about perfection- it’s about preservation.
newborn boy on blue backgroundIf you’re looking for a newborn photographer and you love this style, let me know! I would love to work with you and discuss what you’re thinking and how you want to celebrate your little one.



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7011 Saint Andrew Road Suite 4 (next to Talbots)

Columbia, SC 29212

Accessories used in Session:

Posing Pod Chair

No. 2 Willow Lane (all outfits)

AR Backdrops

Ruffles and Roses (backdrops)

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